Shoot Archery Targets

Shoot Archery Targets
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Which Bow Is Right For You To Shoot Archery Correctly

In order to shoot archery accurately and consistently you need to chose a bow that suites your preference and one that will give you the best performance. It is always best to try a few different kinds of bows to shoot archery so that you get a true feeling of which works best for you.

You should be focusing on the draw length of the bow first. This is the length from the hand that is holding the bow to the one that holds the string in draw position. Make sure that you can pull the string easily and that the bow is comfortable for you to hold. This will make a huge difference when you are going to shoot archery targets.

An archer should also be determining the draw weight of the bow before getting ready to shoot. If the bow is too heavy you stand the chance of starting to shake from being too tired.

There are some features that some bows have which others do not. For example, both the longbow and shortbow can require an arrow rest. This is a notch that is either cut out of the bow or plastic that is fastened to the bow while you shoot archery.

Another thing you should consider is the tiny brass ball, known as the nock point, that is on the side, above or below the string. This lets you know where to place the nock of your arrow. You can place the nock between the points rather than above or below that is up to you and what you feel most comfortable with.

Here are some simple yet important thing you should be thinking about when looking for a bow.

* Your body mass and strength are important

* Will you be using the bow to shoot archery targets or for hunting. There are differences in length and weight between the two.

* Be sure that when you draw the bow to shoot, the string should be drawn to the back of your jawbone. Compound archery bows have adjustable draw lengths.

* Determine the draw weight that is most comfortable to you ahead of time. The reason for this is because your arms will tire after several shots so it's best to know the right weight for you before you start looking.

* As mentioned earlier try a few different bows so that you get a feel of the differences some bows offers. For a beginner who will shoot archery targets a recurve archery bow is a good choice. A compound archery bow is the most popular due to its versatility and ease in aiming.

* If you are choosing a bow for hunting a short bow would be one to consider because they are easier to carry than longbows.

I hope that helps to get you started in the right direction. You can get more detailed information in The Comprehensive Guide To Archery which I have found to be a great help in improving your archery game.

Be sure to have all your questions with you and make sure that whoever is helping you answers those questions to your satisfaction before making any decisions.

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